MUVS 2014

MUVS 2014 is the international workshop on Multi Unmanned Vehicles Systems organised at the Université de Technologie de Compiègne by the Heudiasyc Lab.

MUVS follows the successful experience of the Lakeside Labs that organised in July 2013 the first Multi-UAV Systems workshop at the Alpen-Adria-Universität, Klagenfurt, Austria.

The intent of MUVS is to bring together experts from both industry and academia working on Unmanned Aerial, Terrestrial, Surface and Underwater Vehicles Systems in order to present research and development as well as products and applications. Therefore, MUVS proposes roundtables, panels, demos and work sessions where the participants of the workshop can discuss collaboration and define a common roadmap.

Autonomous unmanned vehicles are used with increasing interest in civil and commercial applications and by the scientific research community. Recently, research and development efforts have shifted toward using teams of UVs for monitoring, surveillance, disaster assistance and recovery, and entertainment to name a few applications. However, the design principles of such a multi-UV system still need an intensive investigation. Ideally, a multi-UV system is robust, adaptive, resource-efficient, scalable, cooperative, supportive of heterogeneity, and last but not least, self-organizing to realize its full potential. To achieve these properties, the physical control of individual robots, their sensor data analysis, navigation, and communication capabilities need to be integrated, which naturally brings together experts from many disciplines such as robotics, networking, swarm and artificial intelligence.
MUVS 2014 includes projects and research dealing with the following key topics:

  • multi robots coordination and communication
  • control of fleet of robots
  • cooperative perception and vision
  • wireless networking and multimedia streaming
  • imaging with person detection and 3D reconstruction
  • mission planning
  • application in real-world disaster management

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